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Aqua-Wash’s power washing services help ensure that businesses make the desired impression with customers. Cleanliness and maintenance often are negle

Our highly trained technicians are experienced in cleaning windows as well as all types of surfaces, buildings and commercial properties. Aqua-Wash’s power washing expertise includes historical restoration projects, school districts, The University of Delaware, shopping centers, government properties and construction properties.

Aqua-Wash offers state-of-the-art cleaning power-washing and cleaning services designed just for restaurants. With more than two decades of experience and knowledge, we provide exceptional value and service and results when it comes to restaurant cleaning.
Restaurants that are clean convey to customers that they can expect a great experience, and clean restaurants tend to generate repeat visits from loyal customers, while keeping employees happy and productive. But when a restaurant is not well-kept and the bathrooms are less-than-clean, it’s like broadcasting to the world, “We don’t really care about cleanliness!” In many cases, a dirty bathroom in and of itself can be a deal-breaker for patrons.